Free Flexible Nursery Places for 2, 3 and 4 Year Olds


Free places for over 3s

Will your child be 3 before 1 January 2022? If so, Adventure Tots can provide up to 30 hours a week free childcare during term time. Even if you don't qualify for 30 free hours, we can still offer you 15 free hours a week.
From the term after their 3rd birthday, 3 year-olds are entitled to

  • up to 15 hours a week free during term time
  • PLUS an additional 15 hours a week, making a total of 30 hours, where both parents work, (subject to minimum earnings)

Free places for 2 and 3 year olds

We may even be able to provide free childcare if your child is between 2 and 3 by then.
Some 2 year-olds qualify for the free 15 hours a week (but not the additional 15) from the term after their 2nd birthday. This depends on family circumstances. To find out whether you qualify, you can visit the 2-year funding page on the Lancashire County Council web site or ring the Family Information Service on 0300 123 6712.

When you can use your free hours at Adventure Tots

The Government fund the free hours for term-time only, which is 38 weeks a year. There are various ways you can use your free hours with us:
  • use your maximum entitlement each week for 38 weeks, in which case your child will come to nursery during term time only.
  • Use fewer hours a week to spread the free hours over a longer period
  • If you need more than your free entitlement, either to do more hours a week or more weeks a year, you can book the extra hours and pay for them at our non-funded rate

We'll try to provide whatever suits you best. It doesn't have to be all mornings or all afternoons. Subject to places being available you can pick and mix sessions to suit your needs.

Adventure Tots term dates 21 - 22

For 2021-22, we will be offering free places during the following term times
  • 6/9/21 - 17/12/21 (half term week comm 25/10/21)
  • 10/1/22 - 1/4/22 (half term week comm 14/2/22)
  • 18/4/22 - 22/7/22 (nursery closed week comm 30/5/22)

Additional funded weeks are available for children who 'use' fewer than their full entitlement each week. We give each parent a list of the dates for their particular child

You can find more information about The Free Early Years Entitlement Funding Scheme on the Lancashire County Council Web Site.
Check whether you qualify for a free place by following this link to the Childcare Choices website, which provides information and on-line claim forms for a number of sources of help with childcare costs
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